Citrix Netscaler ADC 12 and 13 Install and Configuration by fabrice chrzanowski

Cours en anglais

Bonjour. Ce cours est en anglais mais pas de panique.
En tant que spécialiste Citrix ou Network, je pense que l’anglais technique est easy
pour vous. Yes you can :)

Citrix Netscaler ADC 12 and 13 - Install and Configuration

Ready to jump into Nescaler ADC 12 and 13 ?

Many people ask me this training on Netscaler ADC 12 and 13 since lot of time.
And know here it is …. Waouuuuu 🚀

1 About this WorkShop

We will see the features of NS. The different platofrm (Hardware or Virtual). We will the cover Network consideration.
We will see what are those IPS with strange name like NSIP, SNIP, VIP..
We will cover the major feature of NS : HA..

We will then see how configure Load balancing and we will play with HTTP, DNS and LDAP.
We will cover also a fantastic optimization feature SLLOffload… The power of NS is here..

Of course we will cover the user creation and how to integrate NS with LDAP for AAA
After that you will be ready to start to go very high with the Appert Policies and Expressions.

And of course like I love Citrix I will show you how to enable the Citrix Gateway functionality
to enable Remote Acces and access your Apps and Desktop everywhere

And we will see how to upgrade to NS13 and look all the new features of NS13
So….. Ready……..

2 Who can follow this WorkShop

Citrix Expert
Network specialist
Web security and optimization Teams

3 Prerequisites

Have knowledge on Network, DMZ and Web content
Knowledge on citrix is quite important

4 The objectives of this WorkShop

General network consideration
Describe the platform and license
High availability with HA (Primary and Secondary)
Load balancing
SSL OffLoad
How to secure Netscaler with authentication
Monitor ADC
AppExpert Expression and Policies
Netscaler Gateway with Citrix Virtual Apps and Virtual Desktop
Netscaler ADC HA Load balancing SLL Offload AppExpert and Citrix Xenapp integration


Module 1 Netscaler ADC presentation and configuration

Netscaler ADC Features
Netscaler ADC platform and licenses
Lab prepreration and VPX download
BSD Kernel and ADC Kernel
Netscaler ADC Installation
Network consideration and definition

Netscaler ADC HA
Netscaler ADC HA configuration

Netscaler ADC Load Balancing
Load balancing HTTP
Load balancing DNS
Netscaler ADC DNS Monitor
Load balancing LDAP
Load balancing HTTP with CLI

ADC SSL Certificate and SSL Offload
Create SSL Certificate and Bind it to the Vserver
SSL End to END

Authentification Local and LDAP
ADC Admin partitions
Logs and Trace
Syslog and SNMP
Reports and Stats and MAS

Module 2 Remote Access

Citrix Remote Access and unified gateway
AppExpert and Policies
Session profile and EndPoint Scan
Complete lab from Malta to Paris
VPN Connection
Virtual apps and desktop integration complete lab from Malta to Paris
EPA Scan
EPA Scan part 2

Module 3 Upgrade

Upgrade NS 12.1 to 13
Upgrade HA PAIR Part 1
Upgrade HA PAIR Part 2

6 What course can I follow after

Votre formateur

Salut je suis Fabrice Chrzanowski, fondateur de la plateforme

Cela fait plus de 30 ans que je suis passionné par les nouvelles technologies informatiques.

J'utilise toutes les nouvelles technos pour vous permettre d'accéder vous même avec facilite à la connaissance.

Citrix Netscaler ADC 12 and 13 Install and Configuration


Introduction Netscaler Course ADC 12
5 min
Netscaler feature
13 min
Netscaler platform and license
13 min
LAB presentation and download vpx
14 min
BSD kernel and ADC kernel
11 min
BSD First config
18 min
Network consideration and definition
17 min
18 min
HA configuration prerequisite
6 min
Load balancing
15 min
Load balancing HTTP
21 min
Load balancing DNS
12 min
Create a monitor for DNS
8 min
Load balancing LDAP
9 min
Load balancing HTTP with CLI
9 min
ssl and offload
14 min
25 min
SSL end to end encryption
25 min
Remote Access
9 min
5 min
Session profile and endpoint scan
7 min
LAB from malta to Paris
13 min
10 min
15 min
EPA SCAN part 2
3 min
Authentification local and ldap
25 min
Admin partition
10 min
Logs and trace
19 min
Syslog and snmp
23 min
Reports and stats and mas presentation
7 min
Upgrade HA pair
7 min
Upgrade HA pair Lab part 1
7 min
Upgrade HA pair Lab part 2
14 min