Citrix Xenapp, Xendesktop7.15 administration, PVS and Wem by fabrice chrzanowski

Cours en anglais

Bonjour. Ce cours est en anglais mais pas de panique.
Vous trouvez aussi un cours sur Citrix en français. Vous avez donc le choix.
La seule difference est l'ajout de 2 modules sur ce cours : PVS et WEM

Citrix Xenapp, Xendesktop 7.15 Administration, PVS and WEM

Welcome on the presentation page of this Workshop in which you'll learn the Virtual Apps and Desktop solution.

We'll see how to install, setup and manage this solution.

1 About this WorkShop

In this Workshop, I will teach you all about the Virtual Apps and Virtual Desktop solution (formerly XenApp and XenDesktop). We will see how to install, configure and administer this solution.

We will see how to publish applications and virtual desktops.
We will also see the management of the policies, the management of the printers as well as the management of the profiles.

We will also discuss high availability and monitoring
We will see how to use MCS (Machine Creation Services) to automate the creation of virtual machines.
We will cover also the use of PVS to stream vdisks

Finally, we will see how to use WEM

This workshop will help you pass the Exam 1Y0-202 Certification (

2 Who can follow this WorkShop

The course is intended for administrators, engineers and architects.

3 Prerequisites

Knowledge of older versions of Citrix Virtual Apps or Citrix Virtual Desktops is recommended but not required.
Indeed, I will review with you the concepts so that you can install your solution from A to Z without any knowledge.

4 The objectives of this WorkShop

This workshop covers the main aspects of installing, configuring and managing a highly available XenApp and XenDesktop 7.x environment
as well as a full Provisioning Services 7.x environment for image management.
Understand the solution architecture and communications, as well as factors that contribute to successful deployment.
This workshop will teach you how to deploy and distribute applications and desktops (MCS and PVS), install and configure StoreFront and Citrix Receiver,
configure profile management, configure policies, print, and basic security features. .

Learn how to monitor and troubleshoot the environment with Citrix Director.
You will also see the power of WEM (Workspace Environment Management)
WEM uses intelligent resource management and profile management technologies to deliver the best possible performance, desktop logon,
and application response times for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops deployments. It is a software-only, driver-free solution

5 Content

Module 1 Introducing Virtual Apps and Desktop

Why Citrix Virtual Apps and Virtual Desktops
Presentation of the Citrix range. 
The components of a Virtual Apps architecture
Layer resources
The different levels of a Virtual Apps and Virtual Desktop architecture

Module 2 Citrix components

Presentation of the delivery controller and the database
Presentation of the given database and presentation of the VDA
Storefront, the receiver and the director
The license server and the choice of the hypervisor
PVS, the Netscaler
machine catalogs and new product names

Module 3 Your first Citrix project

Analysis and reflection on your first project
Preparation for installation
Preparation for installation and choice of the hypervisor
License Type and Editing Choice of Virtual Apps and Virtual Desktops

Module 4 Installation of the infrastructure

Installing the license server and the broker
Installation of the first site
The Broker and the SQL Server
Role of the delivery controler and the database
Citrix Local Host Cache
Role of the VDA and installation
Catalog and delivery group
Machine catalogs and delivery groups

Module 5 MCS and PVS

Comparison between MCS and PVS
Creating a VDI MCS master and adding a Xenapp server manually
Creation of an MCS catalog
MCS Creation of the Delivery group and maj of the VDI master

Module 6 Citrix StoreFront

Storefront presentation and installation
Storefront creating the store and creating the certificate
Storefront advanced configuration
Storefront email based, favories and workspace control

Module 7 Workstation and HDX protocol

Choosing the type of workstation
HDX protocol

Module 8 Policy

The users and computers policy
Loop Back policy
Filter policy and modeling
Load Management
Continuity of session strategy, models and HDX monitor

Module 9 Application Properties

Properties of the applications
The folders
The keywords 
the start menu
File Type association
Prelaunch, Linger and session sharing
The features app group with Storefront

Module 10 Printing

How works printing on Citrix
Auto Creation
Session printers
Universal Driver and Citrix Print Server

Module 11 Profiles and Citrix Profile Managment

The profiles on Windows
Why use CPM
How to solve slow logons
Policies configuration

Module 12 Delegation

Create administrators
Creating roles and scopes
How to access director
Generate reports

Module 13 Powershell

Introducing Powershell to Administer Your Citrix Solution
Restarting servers and powering vdi
Server restart planning and VDI power management

Module 14 High availability and load management

High Availability Overview
Adding a second broker
High availability of the database with LHC solution
High availability of the storefront
Creation of the VIP on the Netscaler

Module 15 Secure access to your infrastructure

Secure your components
XML trust
Where to install the certificate
Remote access with Netscaler
Storefront remote access config

Module 16 Monitoring and troubleshooting

Monitoring and tools
How to monitor your infra with the Director
Diagnostic tools

Module 17 PVS

What is streaming service
System requirements
The vdisk
Install PVS
The imaging process
Create the catalog
Boot options
The cache solution

Module 18 WEM

What is WEM
Stop using GPO
The components
Install WEM
The wem agent
The configuration SET
Create a kiosk configuration

6 What course can I follow after

You can follow:
Citrix Netscaler ADC (in english) complete course on installing and configuration.
Powershell for beginners :)

Votre formateur

Salut je suis Fabrice Chrzanowski, fondateur de la plateforme

Cela fait plus de 30 ans que je suis passionné par les nouvelles technologies informatiques.

J'utilise toutes les nouvelles technos pour vous permettre d'accéder vous même avec facilite à la connaissance.


7 min
LAB preparation
10 min
LAB preparation 2
10 min
LAB preparation 3
3 min
What is ?
11 min
Broker and database
11 min
11 min
13 min
Citrix receiver
12 min
The studio
11 min
The director
8 min
9 min
License server
15 min
The cloud
5 min
Other components
8 min
New names and version
7 min
Your fist project
6 min
Flexcast model
7 min
Applications and assessment of capacity
5 min
Module 14 decision hypervisor ad and license.mp4
8 min
Certificate and Firewall
5 min
Methodology hardware layer
15 min
Design methodology delivery controler
6 min
Design methodology vlan and database
6 min
License server
12 min
Delivery controller
9 min
The broker services
9 min
Create the site
19 min
Issue with the site corrected
3 min
VDA Overview
13 min
Install VDA on a server
19 min
Install vda on a workstation
9 min
How to create a catalog PVS or MCS
9 min
Delivery group
9 min
MVS in detail
16 min
Create a master
13 min
Create master 2
12 min
Updating the master
10 min
Updating the master 2
10 min
Install the storefront
10 min
The store
10 min
Create a store
11 min
Store config
19 min
Subscriptions and server group
7 min
End Point type
8 min
Type of receiver
13 min
Based discovery beacons and protocole
11 min
Policies overview
13 min
Loop back
17 min
Best config computer settings
8 min
Best config user settings
6 min
Create policy from template and hdx monitor
11 min
Drive mapping and modeling
7 min
18 min
Applications 2
19 min
Fta lingering and pre-launch
11 min
Feature apps group
7 min
Apps in start menu
4 min
Printing presentation
11 min
Auto creation and session printing
11 min
Session printer
10 min
12 min
19 min
Profiles and presentation of CPM
15 min
Install CPM
3 min
Heavy profile MS
5 min
CPM Policy
16 min
10 min
Powershell presentation
14 min
Use poweshell and find command
8 min
Powershell example
15 min
Power management
5 min
4 min
Add a new broker
3 min
Update of the broker on the vda
7 min
16 min
Add a second storefront
8 min
Storefront load balancing
14 min
Secure xml
13 min
Netscaler as a hxd proxy
8 min
Storefront with Netscaler ADC
9 min
Director web console
12 min
Diag and troubleshootings tools
9 min
What is PVS
8 min
PVS explained
16 min
PVS prerequisite
10 min
Install pvs 2
17 min
4 min
What is a vdisk
6 min
Preparing the master
7 min
Install pvs target
10 min
Start the imaging process
20 min
Start the imaging process issue
4 min
Boot options add collection
8 min
The cache mode
8 min
Creating vdisk end
7 min
Vdisk with Xen Desktop
6 min
PVS catalogue
9 min
PVS xendesktop session
14 min
Connecting to pvs from endpoint final
5 min
11 min
Wem presentation
11 min
Install wem
9 min
DB service account issue solved
6 min
Install the console and restore some settings
5 min
WEM agent
4 min
Install the agent
12 min
Add the agent to the wem server
3 min
What is a configuration SET
12 min
Create the first configuration set
13 min
Test the config
2 min
WEM transformer new life for your old pc
22 min
WEM transformer 2
4 min

Citrix Xenapp, Xendesktop7.15 administration, PVS and Wem